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This page contains maps and documents which are available for download. The maps are in PDF format unless otherwise noted. Click on a Map to open the downloadable document. most popularnew*
Larger copies of these maps are available from the GIS department for a fee. Contact Kate Foster for details at 828-465-8356 or by
farmers markets
City Maps
Farmers Markets *
Voter Precincts (41 maps) *
City and Towns (9 maps)
Fire Districts
Zipcodes 11x17 *
Zipcodes 8.5x11 *
Fire Districts 11x17 *
Carolina Thread Trail
CTT Government Center
Parks County Wide
Carolina Thread Trail - large *
CTT Government Center *
Parks County Wide*
Bakers Mountain Park
River Bend Park
Claremont Fire District
Bakers Mountain Park 22x17
River Bend Park 22x17
Claremont Fire District 8.5x11 *
Flood Zones
Flood Zones
Small Area Plans
Flood Zones 8.5x11
Watersheds 8.5x11
Small Area Plans 8.5x11 *
Census Tracts 2010
Animal Shelter
Flood Damage July 2013
Census Tracts 2010 8.5x11 *
Animal Shelter
Flood Damaged Properties - July 2013
Population Center 1990
Population Center 2000
Population Center 2010
Population Center 1990 11x17
Population Center 2000 11x17
Population Center 2010 11x17
Population Center 1990_2000_2010
Population Centers 1990 2000 2010 11x17
Hickory 1907
Hickory 1907
State Highway 1938
Hickory ~1907 by A. E. Downs .jpg
Catawba County 1886 Robert Yoder .jpg
State Highway 1938 .jpg
Street Names Alphabetic
Street Names by City
Street Names Alpahbetic with Post Office, Oct 2019, 46 pages
Street Names by City, Oct 2019, 52 pages