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2022 Aerial Photography - November 2022
The 2022 Aerial Photography (02/2022) is now available on our Real estate Maps and Reports site, and other web and inhouse applications.
2021 Aerial Photography - April 2021
The 2021 Aerial Photography is now available on our Real estate Maps and Reports site, and other web and inhouse applications.
2021 45° Image Viewer - December 2021
The 2021 45° Image Viewer is now available on our Real estate Maps and Reports site, and other web and inhouse applications.
More info on the 2021 45° Image Viewer is now available on our 2021 45° Image Viewer Help Page
Real Estate Maps - Upgrades - June 2018 - December 2018
Our Real Estate Maps and Reports site has been updated with the following features.
The Real Estate Search Page has a disclaimer pop-up that is easily accessible and informs the public of the content of the site.
The GIS Landing Page has been updated on Catawba County main site.
A Farm Districts Layer has been added to the Map Layers. The Parcel Report identifies the Agricultural District, and has a link to a .pdf map for each type.
The Data Extraction and Download tools have been updated. The .dxf is now saved with the parcel outline, georeferenced with EPSG:6543 "NAD_1983_2011_StatePlane_North_Carolina_FIPS_3200_Ft_US".
The Contours Layer has been updated on the Map Layers. It was generated with 2017 LiDAR data.
The Register of Deeds has been updated with a new Parcel Report formated to a .pdf with county logo on the header.
Data Extraction and Download - August 2017
This app allows you to download selected layers of data for an area that you define. The first time you visit click the REGISTER button to get a login. The app includes an instruction box. Please send us feedback on any potential improvements.
USDA Aerial Photography - May 2017
USDA NAIP (National Argiculture Imagery Program) Aerial Photography for 2016 and 2014 has been added to our Real estate Maps and Reports. The orthorectified photography was flown during the summer of 2016. The aerials can be found under the More Layers checkbox, which is available on desktop displays.
2014 Aerial Photography - February 2015
The 2014 Aerial Photography in now available on our Real estate Maps and Reports site, and other web and inhouse applications. The aerials were received by the county as part of the Nothern Piedmont and Mountains Orthoimagery 2014 project.
Search for Parcel by Deed - May 2014
This is a new search that allows you to Search for Parcels by Deed reference.
Given a Deed Book, and optional Deed Page, this tool searches our Deed History database and returns the Parcel(s) associated with a Deed. The results contain links to the Deed, Parcel Report, and map.
Real Estate Maps - Upgrades - April 2014
Our Real estate Maps and Reports site has been updated with the following features.
A Zoning Layer has been added to the Map Layers. The Parcel Report identifies the Zoning District, and has a link for Zoning Agency phone numbers, which is the place to go if you need to know more about zoning.
The Select by tools have been updated. You can now select by, Rectangle (formerly by BOX), Polygon, Line, Buffer, and Adjacent parcels. Quick Tips/Help has information on how the Select tools work.
Mobile web - November 2013
The vast majority of our web pages have been updated to work on mobile devices. The Regional Address Finder, School Locator, our Home page, this page and many other's have been updated recently. Please let us know if you have problems with any of our pages on mobile devices.
Real Estate Maps - Upgrades - September 2013
Our Real estate Maps and Reports site has been updated with the following features.
The number of map scales has increased from 12 to 17. Using the Zoom Bar on the upper left hand side of the map is the best tool for changing scales.
The smallest map scales are (newest in bold): 1in=25ft, 1in=50ft, 1in=75ft, 1in=100ft, 1in=150ft, 1in=200ft, 1in=300ft, 1in=400ft, 1in=600ft, 1in=800ft, 1in=1200ft, 1in=1600ft.
The 2010 and 2009 areials are now visible at the smallest scale (1 inch = 25ft).
The USDA 2012 aerial is new. Because of their quality the USDA aerials are not available for viewing at as many scales as the 2009 and 2010 aerials.
The Parcel Dimensions are now visible at larger scales, up to 1 inch = 600ft. The dimensions can be turned on/off under the Map Layers.
Real Estate Analysis - March 2013
Our Real Estate Analysis web site has been updated.
New features include a Property Type selection which is based how the property is assessed. The Sales selection now returns all types of sales, and a Subdividion search. The report contains additional Sales information (the Validity Code), and Zoning information.
Real Estate Maps - Mobile - March 2013
We have finished testing the mobile upgrades to our Real Estate Maps and Reports web site.
The site is designed to work on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. We have tested on a wide variety of devices. Use the "Send Message" link in below the Search options to let us know how it is working for you.
Voter Locator - September 2012
We have updated our Voter Locator web site.
You can search by an Address or Owner name to locate your Polling Location. The searches will autocomplete (as you begin typing, matching information will display below your input). After your search you'll find a link for directions to the polling location below the photo.
This mapping web page is designed to work across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We would like to have your feedback. Please use the link provided for you comments or suggestions.
Updates to the Real Estate Reports - May 2012
The Real Estate Reports search page and the associated Parcel, Owner, and Deed reports have been updated to work on multiple devices including smart phones and tablets.
The Address, Owner and Subdivision searches autocomplete. That means as you type, matches will be displayed below the input box. Click on a match to see the reports.

Under the Last Search tab, after a Address or Owner Search, are the autocomplete results from the last search. This allows you to go back and forth between searches and the reports without reentering the search information. The Last Search capability is only available on newer browsers (Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari).
City and Town Maps - January 2012
Maps for the Catawba County Cities and Towns have been added to the Map Gallery.
The Map Gallery contains pdf's that are available for viewing and downloading.
Real Estate Maps - December 2011     Real Estate Maps
Catawba County is developing a new GIS Real Estate website because changes in technology are offering new opportunties for enhanced services. Our new site is available in beta version for testing. We very much appreciate your feedback during the testing phase so that we might develop the best product possible. There is an email link on the left hand side of the page you may use to provide your comments.
As you begin to type an address, an owner name, or a subdivision name; matches will be displayed below the input box. You may click on the appropriate match which will then zoom to a map of the property along with some report links on the right hand side of the map. The reports will open in another window after the link has been clicked.

Aerial photography for 2010 is currently available on this site. Aerials from previous years will be added as we continue our development.
We expect both real estate sites to be up and running for a while to allow for thorough testing and some planned enhancements. We will make a formal announcements before the new site replaces our current real estate site.
Regional Address Finder - March 2011
This web page allows you to searh ~260,000 address in the counties of Catawba, Alexander, Caldwell, and Iredell. The searches are designed so that by entering a small portion of information you can choose from a drop down list of matching addresses. Clicking on one of those addresses puts that address in a grid along with links to google and other online maps. Regional Address Finder
Regional GIS Website - February 2011
In an effort to provide more efficient services, several counties in the Western Foothills of North Carolina have joined together with ROK Technologies, a Charleston, SC firm specializing in GIS services, to create a regional GIS website. The Western Foothills Regional GIS website allows users to locate addresses and property owners in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Iredell, Lincoln, and Wilkes counties... Read more
Building Permits and QR Codes - January 2011
When a Catawba County building permit is issued the printed permit card contains two QR Codes (QRC). A free smart phone app can read the code and pull up the associated URL. The QRC on the right links to details for the building permit. The QRC on the left links to a map of the property. Currently the map contains parcel lines, structures and a link to a detailed parcel report. We will enhance the map based on user feedback. Please us with your suggestions or any issues displaying the map.
Address Points - Fall 2010
Catawba County coordinated with the municipalities to develop and implement an Address Points Layer. This layer allows every address in the county to be assigned to a specific point. One of the goals of this layer is to have the address points inside their corresponding structure. This is an ongoing project.
The development of this layer did not change addressing responsibilities. The municipalities are responsible for addresses in their Planning Jurisdications and the County is responsible for addresses in its jurisdiction.
The Address Points will be used by the E911 Communciations Center. The GIS Real Estate and School Locator applications currently use the Address Points for their address searches.
Prior to the development of the Address Points Layer, addresses were associated with a parcel. This layer associates addresses with a point on a parcel, and allows properties to contain multiple addresses.
School Locator Service - Fall 2010
Our School Locater application has been rewritten using Open Source software. Because of technology changes our online mapping applications will be changing over the next several years. Open Source software is one option we are exploring for web mapping as we move foward. By using Open Source software there is no cost to the County for the software packages used in developing the School Locator Service. The service uses Open Layers, Geoserver, Postgis, and Apache Web Server.