Searches from this page will produce Catawba County Real Estate reports. The Address, Owner and Subdivision searches autocomplete. That means as you type, matches will be displayed below the input box. Click on a match to see the reports. Searches may be in upper or lower case and do not use any punctuation.
Search by a Parcel Address

The address can start with the building number, a street name, or any part of a streetname. Minimum of 3 characters.

The County Addressing Conventions documents our Addressing conventions.
The Alphabetic Street Names (pdf) document lists all of the streets in the county.

Search by Owners Name

Examples: smit or smith j
Enter the first part of a Owner's last name or the last name then a part of the first name.
Use a minimum of 3 characters.

Search by any portion of an Owners Name

Example: LLC
Use any portion of a name and enter a minimum of 3 characters.

Search by a Subdivision

Examples: Rock barn or OAK
Enter a Subdivision Name or the first portion of a Subdivision name, use a minimum of 3 characters.

Search by a Business/Landmark Name

Enter a Name or the first portion of a name, use a minimum of 3 characters.
At this point in time this is the best set of searchable names that we have.

Search by Parcel ID
Parcel ID:     ?

Example: 374013030654
Catawba County Parcel ID's are normally 12 digits. When a building owner is diffrent than the parcel owner, the building Parcel ID has a four character extension.

Search by a LRK/REID
LRK/REID:     ?

Example: 1260
This number is a unique identifier for a parcel, in addition to the Parcel ID. One to six digits.

Search by Plat Book and Page
Plat Book: Plat Page:     ?

Example: 19 40 Both fields are required.