Catawba County's GIS Real Estate Search Help page
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The secret to successful Address, Owner, Subdivision, or Business searches is to let the search box do the work for you. As you type, matches will be displayed below the input box. Typing 4 to 5 characters will usually provide you with the desired match. Click on the desired item and the map and reports will be generated.
After an Address or Owner search you can click on the Last Search tab, to see the results from your last search, and select an item for your next search.
The Business/Landmark search provides access to ~6000 names.
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To use the Adjacent tool one parcel must be selected.
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Map Layers
The visibility of the map Layers are scale dependent. As the scale changes layers will switch from being greyed out to being available for display.
The Zoning layer is representative of information from the zoning authorities in Catawba County. The layer does not show the Zoning District. See the Parcel Report for the Zoning District and Zoning Agency phone numbers.
Parcel Dimensions labels the parcel with property dimensions.
Misc Lines often are old parcel lines that are no longer current or an easement of some type. If you need further clarification contact GIS and ask to speak to someone in the Land Records Department (828-465-9586).
The Flood Zone is labeled with AE and AEFW. (green) AE zone is the area of special flood hazard subject to a 1% chance of flooding in any year (commonly referred to as the 100 year flood zone). (blue) AEFW zone is the floodway portion of the 100 year floodplain where development is limited due to the volume and velocity of floodwaters. Flood Risk Information System (FRIS)
The USDA aerial photos 2012, 2009, and 2006 are leaf on photos provided by the US Dept. Of Agriculture. The quality is not as good as the 2010, and 2009 aerials.